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 Kerry County Museum

Three Star Hotel in Tralee
The museum is located in the Ashe Memorial Hall, a fine example of public architecture in the centre of Tralee. The building is named after Thomas Ashe, a Kerryman who was a member of the Irish Volunteers and who died on hunger strike while imprisoned in Mountjoy in 1917. The Museum aims to collect, record, preserve, display and communicate material relating to the archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of County Kerry.

The Medieval Geraldine Experience

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Located within the Kerry Museum this exhibition takes you back in time to Geraldine Tralee in 1450. The term ‘Geraldine' comes from the name Fitzgerald, and the Fitzgeralds were one of the original Norman families that invaded Ireland in the late 12th century. The Fitzgeralds founded the town of Tralee in 1216. Although nothing remains of the town walls, you have the chance to experience medieval life in Geraldine Tralee. You will experience all the sights, sounds and smells of a medieval town on your journey through the streets, port, abbey and castle of Tralee in 1450. 

The Aqua Dome

   aquadome_logo_small.jpg (Aqua Dome logo )

The Aqua Dome is one of Irelands Largest Indoor Waterworlds & Premier Tourist Attractions. The Aqua Dome offers tropical temperatures all year round and is a Great Day Out for all the family whatever the weather!
It is brimming with exciting features that captures the imagination of both child and adult alike. The Aqua Dome is fun for swimmers & non-swimmers. Just Let Yourself Go.....
You name it the Aqua Dome has it!

  • Swim with the current
  • Surf the Waves
  • Wrestle the River Rapids
  • Relax in the Lazy River
  • Ride the Sky High Flume
  • Plunge down the Outdoor Falling Rapids
  • Enjoy the Whirlpool spas, Bubble seat, Sprays, Cannons, Gushers, Geysers, Children's pools, Spa pools

Siamsa Tíre, National Folk Theatre & Arts Centre

siamsa_tire_3.jpg (Siamsa 3)

The home of the National Folk Theatre, rooted in the rich musical and dance traditions of Ireland who present their Summer Season of performances from May to September.Siamsa Tíre in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland is the home of the National Folk Theatre of Ireland.

Bringing together the people of Kerry and visitors from all over the world to enjoy the best of Irish culture – music, song and dance. Thousands of visitors to Kerry have enjoyed performances in our theatre as a highlight of their trip to Ireland. There is an energy, a wildness, a passion about these performances, using the best of traditional arts, which come together to create a memorable and emotional experience for  visitors.


Three Star Hotel in Tralee

Blennerville is Ireland´s only commercially operated windmill. It is also the tallest of its kind in Europe: 21.3 metres high. This 18th century windmill is now open to the public. There are many fascinating workings to be seen as the giant sails turn. The adjoining building houses interesting exhibitions on emigration and The History of Milling. 

Crag Cave

Three Star Hotel in Tralee

Crag Cave is formed of limestone, it is a colorful wonderland of stalagmites and stalactites. Discovered in 1983 and thought to be over one million years old, this natural attraction has dramatic sound and lighting effects. 

Muckross House

Hotel in Kerry

Muckross House is situated close to the shores of Muckross Lake, amidst the beautiful scenery of Killarney National Park. The house is a focal point within the Park and is the ideal base from which to explore its terrain. 

Golf Courses in Kerry

Here in Kerry you'll be spoiled for choice as we have 18 golf stunning golf courses from which to choose; 


Tralee Golf Course

tralee_2nd_wide_am_2_940_400_50_c1_left_top_0_0_1.jpg (Tralee Golf Course )

When Arnold Palmer came to Barrow he thought he had never seen a piece of land so ideally suited to golf. The Tralee area is lucky to have a choice of world class golf courses from the Tralee golf course at Barrow, to Ballybunion's famous links. The settings of these courses are so spectacular that it is easy to be distracted by the splendor of your surroundings. 


Fungi the Dolphin

fungi.jpg (6)

Fungi the Bottlenose Dolphin resident of Dingle Harbour has, over the past 15 years of his residency warmed the hearts of the thousands of people that have traveled from near and far to see and swim with him. The fact that he is absolutely wild and free , yet remains here in Dingle (now with celebrity status) being vested by thousands, is something which has baffled scientists and laymen alike. One thing is sure though - he loves all the attention! 

dingle.jpg (5)

There is no other landscape in western Europe with the density and variety of archaeological monuments. This mountainous finger of land which juts into the Atlantic Ocean has supported various tribes and populations for almost 6,000 years. Because of the peninsula's remote location, and lack of specialised agriculture, there is a remarkable preservation of over 2,000 monuments. It is impossible to visit the Dingle Peninsula and not be impressed by its archaeological heritage. When one combines each site's folklore and mythology, which have been passed orally from generation to generation through the Irish language, one can begin to understand how unique and complex is the history of this peninsula. 

skellig.jpg (15)
No trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to this awesome, 6th century, monastic site. Hardy monks lived in beehive huts on this island. Today it's inhabited by Puffins and Gannets. Charter boats take you on the 8 mile trip to this world famous heritage site. 

cork_castle.jpg (4)

with its traditional power of conferring eloquence on those who kiss it, are world famous. Cork City has been designated European Capital of Culture for 2005.

ring_of_kerry.jpg (13)

is part of the mystical & unspoilt Ireland that has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. It's spectacular beauty is beyond question and it is a natural centre for outdoor pursuits including golf, watersports , cycling, walking, riding and the very best fishing for salmon & trout. The Ring of Kerry has some of the finest beaches in Europe that provide all the facilities for a traditional seaside holiday. 

gap_of_dunloe.jpg (7)

The Gap of Dunloe is a wild and rugged gap excavated by forging ice flows during the last ice age. 



carrantuohill.jpg (3)

(1004 m), guarded by steep and treacherous crags, is Ireland's highest mountain. 

Ross Castle (Irish: Caisleán an Rois)

ross_castle.jpg (16)

is the ancestral home of the O'Donoghue clan though it is better known for its association with the Brownes of Killarney who owned it until recently. It is located on the edge of Lough Leane, in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland.